Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Team Signs

New and Improved Team Signs-$12

So I decided to make a change to my old team signs.  I decided to keep the polka dots, but move to an 8x8 square flat canvas and add a new font to change it up a bit!  These signs can be customized for any team of your choice and to say whatever you would like.  Here's a few...

My personal favorite! :)

One I despise, but will be a big seller in my new neck of the woods!

Another big seller up here-Creighton Blue Jays (Don't worry--there's a Tigers one for my house!)

These would make great baby shower gifts! 

  This one would be for my brother's school, Wayne State. He played football for the Wildcats, and I must say they have one of the cutest cheerleaders I've ever seen!


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