Monday, July 25, 2011

Stork Vision

So me being the impatient person I am just couldn't imagine waiting until 20 weeks to find out what our new baby is, sooooo....we cheated!  I had read someone's blog who lives in Texas talk about this independent ultrasound place they went to to find out the gender early.  I looked into it and found there was one in Omaha.  I booked an appointment at Stork Vision, and we brought the whole family in for the big reveal!  

Anyways!!!  Long story short, we found out we're having a girl, and I was also given a great opportunity to do some free advertising!  I have created a few canvases to display in the store, so here's a look!

**Please ignore the terrible quality of these pictures!  I had to take them with my iPhone because my camera is dead!

8x8 Canvas (This is a new add to my product list)-$20

8x10 canvas-$20

20x24 canvas-$50

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